Woodcarving is an ancient art form with examples from virtually every recorded civilization. Early churches featured the work of famous masters that endure till this day

.My interest in this art form came about quite by accident. I was sitting by campfire, knife in hand, whittling away at a small chunk of tree trunk when a faint outline of a face began to appear. After an hour or so of cutting and gouging, the face became quite recognizable and I was hooked. Itís true, as I was told by an old accomplished carver, all you have to do is cut out all those pieces that donít belong and you have a nice carvingÖ..thereís one or two in every block of wood.

That was back in 1994 and since then, I have done many woodspirits, a few other odds and ends but have focused on the human bust as my favorite. Three characters are featured here for your enjoyment.

Although I have tried many types of chisels and gouges, my personal choice is Flex Cut brand. These seem to work best for my style of carving and I have 4 sets including the power carving series. I also use three or four Dremels and a Foredom power unit. For power carving, I like the Ryobi with Flex cut blades.


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