Music is a common hobby, perhaps because it is a universal language or maybe because we all have an inherent attachment to a good beat.

Whatever the reason, I believe if you are exposed to music at a younger age, natural curiosity will take you down some interesting paths. My father came from a large and very musical family that actually had enough members to play in three family orchestras at the same time.

I took up the guitar at a young age and played in a small rock and roll band through high school. This lead to a lifelong interest in various instruments including guitars, a banjo, harmonicas, a violin, a Baldwin organ, a pedal steel and a lap steel guitar.

Shown here are two of the more interesting instruments I currently own....

I play both through two amps, a Session 400 Peavey and a Nashville 400 in stereo provided by a Peavey Pro-Fex II effects unit with a ProFex Midi Remote control. I also use a Boss TR2 tremolo box coupled to a DanElectro SLT slapback echo box in line before the ProFex.

This setup is especially designed for the Steel guitar but does exceptionally well with my Country Gentleman.

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