Here is my 1971 ShoBud Professional Steel guitar. This is a D10 (double neck, 10 strings per neck) 8 pedals with three knee levers.

This instrument is not for the fainthearted and if you think a “one armed paper hanger”is busy, you haven’t played one of these.....


It is known by many nicknames such as “the cheesecutter” for obvious reasons and is featured in most all true country & western bands. Unfortunately, even the world’s best players are relatively unknown. I suspect this has to do with the limited number of players due to the difficulty in learning to play it and the fact that not many these guitars exist compared to the traditional types.

This particular ShoBud has an interesting history. I acquired it from Les “ Carrot Top” Anderson who played it professionally in many bands over the years. Les once played for “Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys” . In 1990,while he owned this guitar, Les was inducted to the Western Swing Hall of Fame.

My favorite players are John Hughey and Paul Franklin. Although the names may not be too familiar, you have definitely heard them play.....


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